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Impact Workshop

The sixth EeB PPP Impact Workshop took place on 18-19 April 2016 in Brussels. The E2BA, EC representatives and project coordinators of EC projects funded under FP7 and H2020 participated in the two day event.

Published: 19th May 2016


Published: 23rd March 2016

Osirys partner IVL to present at spring meeting of SWESIAQ (Swedish chapter of International Society of Indoor Air Quality and Climate)

Published: 10th March 2016

VIDEO: Prepreg material manufacturing process

Published: 13th January 2016

Use of bio-based prepregs to improve indoor air quality.

Agenda for ECO-SEE Indoor Environmental Quality Workshop Available to Download

Published: 13th January 2016

The agenda for the ECO-SEE Indoor Environmental Quality Workshop in which OSIRYS will participate is now available to download.

Tendering Process for Demo Building Construction has been Launched

Published: 4th January 2016

The tendering process for the construction works was launched on the 22nd December 2015

Presentations from AMANAC Standardisation and Financial Opportunities Workshops Available for Download

Published: 16th December 2015

The presentations from the recent AMANAC Standardisation and Financial Opporutnities Workshops which took place on 5th and 6th November 2015 in Brussels are now available for download.

All-natural indoor materials offer sustainable health benefits

Published: 10th December 2015

EU researchers have developed natural building materials to tap growing demand for sustainable construction, and also achieve health benefits.

OSIRYS Partners held Month 30 meeting at ACCIONA Infraestructuras S.A., Spain

Published: 26th November 2015

The Month 30 Project meeting took place on 18th -19th November 2015 in Madrid, Spain and was hosted by ACCIONA Infraestructuras S.A.

Osirys project partner Conenor Ltd to speak at Sixth WPC & NFC Conference, Cologne

Published: 23rd November 2015

Osirys to participate alongside ECOSEE in workshop on safe, energy-efficient and affordable materials for indoor/outdoor wall panels

Published: 12th November 2015

By joining this workshop, participants will get an insight into the current project´s activities and the latest results.

Osirys Project Partners Present at ICAE 2015

Published: 9th November 2015

Osirys project partners were amongst the 70 speakers covering an array of technology developments on Architectural Envelopes at ICAE 2015.

The OSIRYS partners gathered recently at the manufacturing facility of Omikron DOKK in Hungary

Published: 24th June 2015

This meeting marks the mid-point of the project and was a chance to report on the research results into photocatalytic paints, fire retardant composites, bio foams, cork cores and nano-modified thermoplastics.

Osirys partners to participate in ICAE 2015

Published: 30th April 2015

Osirys project partners will participate in the VII International Congress on Architectural Envelopes on 27th May.

Osirys partner NetComposites to speak at BCIC 2015

Published: 24th April 2015

Anthony Stevenson of NetComposites is to speak at the BCIC 2015 - Biocomposites in Construction international conference on 21-22nd May 2015.

First Osirys Project Newsletter now available to download

Published: 20th April 2015

The first issue of the Osirys project newsletter is now available to download from the "Media Downloads" section of the project website.

Osirys exhibited at sucessful CompIC EU Project Clustering Event

Published: 5th February 2015

Miriam Garcia Gonzalez, Osirys project coordinator of Tecnalia, presented at the CompIC EU Project Clustering Event on 4th February

New website launched for Advanced Composites in Construction (ACIC) Conference 2015

Published: 19th November 2014

NetComposites has launched a new website for the seventh biennial Advanced Composites in Construction (ACIC) conference which will take place on 9-11 September, 2015, at St John's College, Cambridge, UK.

Stakeholders share their view on improving the indoor environment of energy efficient buildings, within the framework of the European projects OSIRYS and ECO-SEE

Published: 6th November 2014

A stakeholder workshop on "Improving the indoor environment of energy efficient buildings" has been organized by the Division for Sustainable Construction of TECNALIA, on 17th September 2014.

NetComposites Announce Call for Papers for International CompIC Conference

Published: 24th September 2014

NetComposites will present CompIC (Composites in Construction), an international conference taking place 3rd February 2015 at The Park Hotel, Amsterdam, Netherlands. Abstracts are now being accepted from potential speakers.

OSIRYS Project

Safe, energy-efficient and affordable new eco-innovative materials for building envelopes and/or partitions to provide a healthier indoor environment

Indoor Air Quality and emissions from building materials have been over the last decades a major challenge for scientists, industry and consumers. Traditional construction materials contribute to contaminants such as VOCs, formaldehyde, particulates and fibres. However, new eco-innovative building materials are able to provide a healthier indoor environment both by substituting source of contamination and by elimination of contaminants arisen from other indoor sources.

Within OSIRYS proposal a holistic solution for facades and interior partitions will be developed ready to be applied in building retroffiting and new construction by means of the development of forest based biocomposites with different functionalities able to meet the strictest requisites of the Building Code and improve indoor air quality by VOC and microorganisms elimination, increase thermal and acoustic insulation and control breathability of the construction systems.

Thermoset epoxy resin based in forest wastes and thermoplastic lignin-base polymer will be reinforced with natural fibres such as wood, flax, hemp, etc. Besides, cork granules will be used for insulation performance. Special attention will be put on additives, especially fire retardants, to meet cost/processability/performance ratio. However, it is expected that biomass feedstock in each building element will be >75%, what allows to reduce embodied energy on building materials by more than 25%.

Research activities will include: development and testing of the new eco-innovative materials; design and engineering to ensure the technical viability, aesthetical aspect and ease to incorporate the system in building retrofit actions; LCA; evaluation of the reuse and recycling; study on the adequateness to the requirements of the Building Code; demonstration activities by applying the final system in a test building and in two new buildings in Spain and Sweden to make validation in two different climates and cost effectiveness assessment.

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