Forest based composites for façades and interior partitions to improve indoor air quality in new builds and restoration



Public Deliverable Reports

OSIRYS-DEL-D5.4 Manufacture of lab scale systems v2

OSIRYS-DEL-D5.5 Evaluation of lab-scale systems-v02 REDUC

OSIRYS-DEL-D7.2 Installation of the systems in KUBIK building

OSIRYS-DEL-D7.3 TARTU demo building

OSIRYS-DEL-D7.4 San Sebastian demo building

OSIRYS-DEL-D7.5 Monitoring (plan) of the demonstration building

OSIRYS-DEL-D8 3 Reuse and recycling-v03 OSIRYS-DEL-D8.2 IAQ sandwich structure FINAL

OSIRYS-DEL-D8.5 Monitoring results DRAFT

OSIRYS-DEL-D8.6 Techno-economical assessment Draft

OSIRYS-DEL-D9 1 Website public area

OSIRYS-DEL-D9 3 Stakeholder panel v4

OSIRYS-DEL-D9.5 M24 Midterm Workshop v2

OSIRYS-DEL-D9.8 Final Workshop

Flyers and posters

Osirys – Aims and Objectives – A1 Poster – EN

Osirys – Aims and Objectives – A4 Flyer – EN

Osirys – Invitation to join Industrial Stakeholder Panel – EN

Osirys – Panel Industrial de Expertos – ES

Osirys – CompIC Workshop Flyer – A4 – EN

Osirys – JEC World 2017 Poster Display – 940x540mm – EN

Osirys – JEC World 2017 Postcard Map – A6 – EN

Osirys – Roller Banner – 2000x800mm @ 50% scale – 3mm Bleed – EN

Osirys – Tartu Workshop Flyer – A4 – EN


Osirys – Newsletter – February 2015 – EN

Osirys – Second Newsletter – February 2017 – A5 – EN

First Stakeholder Meeting

Osirys – First Stakeholder Meeting- New demands and solutions for the facade

Osirys – First Stakeholder Meeting – In which construction systems can Eco-solutions be used

Osirys – First Stakeholder Meeting – OSIRYS Project Overview

Osirys – First Stakeholder Meeting – Recent material developments

Osirys – First Stakeholder Meeting – The Importance of IAQ

Second Stakeholder Meeting

Osirys – Second Stakeholder Meeting – Eco Solutions for Constructive Systems_J Astudillo

Osirys – Second Stakeholder Meeting – ECO-SEE DISSEMINATION WORKSHOP YOLANDA

Osirys – Second Stakeholder Meeting – Ecosee Q4 Bilbao 15 09 2014_Modcell

Osirys – Second Stakeholder Meeting – stakeholder walker

Osirys – Second Stakeholder Meeting – workshop ECOSEE-OSIRYS 17-09-2014-Miriam García

ICAS 2015 Presentations

ICAE2015 – Osirys – Effects of flame retardants on flammibility of flax fibre-reinforced composites – Acciona

ICAE2015 – Osirys – Environmental Assessment of Building Materials for Good Indoor Air Quality –

ICAE2015 – Osirys – Graphene Biocomposites for Pultrusion – Aimplas

ICAE2015 – Osirys – Active paints to improve indoor air quality – Fraunhofer


This project has received funding from the European Union's Seventh Framework Programme for research, technological development and demonstration under grant agreement No 609067.