Forest based composites for façades and interior partitions to improve indoor air quality in new builds and restoration


Partner Locations

Fundacion Tecnalia Research & Innovation

TECNALIA is the leading private and independent research and technology entity in Spain and the fifth largest in Europe.

Acciona Infraestructuras S.A.

ACCIONA Infrastructuras is a leading European construction company constructing and managing buildings and civil infrastructures under the sustainability principles.

Teknologian Tutkimuskeskus VTT

VTT, the Technical Research Centre of Finland (Teknologian tutkimuskeskus VTT), is a government organisation established by law and operating under the auspices of the Ministry of Employment and the Economy.

Fraunhofer Institute for Interfacial Engineering and Biotechnology IGB

The Fraunhofer Institute for Interfacial Engineering and Biotechnology IGB is one of 60 Fraunhofer institutes in Germany and offers R&D solutions in the fields of medicine, pharmacy, chemistry, the environment and energy.

Asociacion de Investigacion de Materiales Plasticos y Conexas

AIMPLAS, Technological Institute of Plastics located in Valencia, is a private, non-profit Association with about 450 associated companies.

IVL Svenska Miljoeinstitutet AB

IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute is an independent research body, operated in the form of a limited non-profit company, owned by a foundation jointly established by the Swedish government and Swedish industry.

NetComposites Ltd

NetComposites is an independent provider of expert services relating to composite materials.

Omikron-Dokk Kft

Omikron-Dokk Kft. (est. 1982), and its subsidiaries, Balatonplast Kft, Mister Plastic Kft, Lézerplaszt Kft and Innokomp Kft. Together they form one of the largest reinforced plastic processing holdings in Hungary and in Central and Eastern Europe


Conenor history goes back to late 1980’s when a Finnish inventor Kari Kirjavainen made one of his technical inventions; the conical extruder, an entirely new and different rotory extrusion technology to extend the limits of conventional screw extruders.

Van Berkel & Bos U.N. Studio B.V.

UNStudio, founded in 1988 by Ben van Berkel and Caroline Bos, is a Dutch architectural design studio specialising in architecture, interior architecture, product design, urban development and infrastructural projects.

Amorim Cork Composites SA

With basis on the traditional European Cork industry, Amorim Cork Composites (ACC) SA has been a leader company on innovative applications using cork, inside the Amorim Group.

Envolventes Arquitectonicas Enar SL

Enar is a leading technological façade consultancy that was set up in the year 1999 to give response to the needs of both architects and developers to enhance building technology and the design of nontraditional façades adding the most value in the execution of each project.

Bergamo Tecnologie SP Z.O.O.

BGTECNO is an SME working in the area of prefab envelope solutions and curtain walls, including window and prefabricated window modules since 1996.

Vivienda y Suelo de Euskadi, S.A.

VISESA is a public-sector company attached to the Basque Government’s Department of Housing, Infrastructures and Transport


SICC GmbH (Berlin, Germany) is a paint manufacturer selling paints for indoor and outdoor application on house walls.

Collanti Concorde Srl

Collanti Concorde is a chemical company specialized in the production of chemical agents, special glues and adhesives for the building sectors, using innovative polymers and materials.


This project has received funding from the European Union's Seventh Framework Programme for research, technological development and demonstration under grant agreement No 609067.