Forest based composites for façades and interior partitions to improve indoor air quality in new builds and restoration

Omikron-Dokk Kft

Omikron-Dokk Kft. (est. 1982), and its subsidiaries, Balatonplast Kft, Mister Plastic Kft, Lézerplaszt Kft and Innokomp Kft. Together they form one of the largest reinforced plastic processing holdings in Hungary and in Central and Eastern Europe, using technologies like Vacuum infusion & Pultrusion, among others. Omikron manufactures a broad range of composite products like windturbine rotorblades, nacelles, sailing yachts, garden ponds, swimming pools, composite sheets, sinus sheets, machine covers, floats, bus body parts, panels, complete bathrooms, PU boot-soles and high-tech prepregs. The products are made of glass- and carbonfibre reinforced polyester, vinylester, epoxy and hybrid resins with PU, PVC and epoxy-foam sandwich reinforcements.

The surface of our products has such good quality finish that as shell parts after special heat treatment and polishing the paintwork can be applied right away. We are capable of producing 23-25 m long parts. For development and mouldproducing purposes we have an advanced 3D CAD/CAM/FEA system, also a mould producing workshop and a 5 axis CNC-mill.
OMIKRON use mostly the following technologies for production:
– Vacuum infusion (RTM), Spray-up, Hand lay-up, PU processing, PU foaming, Press moulding, Pultrusion, Filament winding, Continuous lamination, sinus sheet production, SMC, BMC and pre-preg production, Vacuum-forming, Thermo-forming, 3D measuring, reverse engineering, Special bonding, adhesives, Painting and Assembly operations

Role in the project

The main role of OMIKRON in OSIRYS project will be the scale up of the pultrusion process at industrial level (WP7). OMIKRON will also share its knowledge in order to validate the pultrusion pilot plant activities developed by the RTD performers (WP4). OMIKRON will also participate in the selection of the specifications of the profiles designed (WP3) and will ensure that the process parameters at pilot plant level will be valid for the industrial machinery (WP6). OMIKRON will also participate actively in the dissemination activities because of its proximity to the final step of the value chain (WP9). Finally, OMIKRON will also provide information for Economic, regulatory, health, safety and environmental studies for WP3 and 8.


This project has received funding from the European Union's Seventh Framework Programme for research, technological development and demonstration under grant agreement No 609067.