Forest based composites for fa├žades and interior partitions to improve indoor air quality in new builds and restoration


SICC GmbH (Berlin, Germany) is a paint manufacturer selling paints for indoor and outdoor application on house walls. It is a medium-sized company founded in March 2003 with headquarters in Berlin. The purpose of the company is production and distribution of a thermo-ceramic coating material with endothermic effects. The products are offered under the trademark ThermoShield in the commercial sector on the European market. Since 2009 the products are available under the trademark ClimateActive-ESE-paint on the market outside Europe. The company employs 11 employees and organizes the distribution via local national and international distribution partners. SICC GmbH has been registered to the ISO 9001:2008 since 2008.

Role in the project

It will upscale the obtaining of a coating formulation to improve indoor air quality from lab-scale in WP4 to industrial scale in WP7. They will manufacture the required material for prototypes (WP7).


This project has received funding from the European Union's Seventh Framework Programme for research, technological development and demonstration under grant agreement No 609067.