Forest based composites for façades and interior partitions to improve indoor air quality in new builds and restoration

Tartu City Government

Tartu is the second largest city in Estonia and often considered to be the country’s cultural and intellectual capital.

Tartu is a student city, mainly because of the University of Tartu which is among the oldest universities in northern Europe (established in 1632). Tartu is also the hometown for the Estonian University of Life Sciences, the Baltic Defense College, Tartu Health Care College and several other education institutions. With so many higher education institutions in the city, Tartu inevitably attracts a lot of talented and innovative people from other parts of Estonia and abroad.

The city promotes low energy solutions and use of renewable energy to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions. City of Tartu has been favoring innovative and sustainable solutions. Tartu has a city wide district heating network and a district cooling network both powered by renewable sources. The city government is looking to be a pioneer in sustainable construction in Tartu area and Southern-Estonia with a number of low-energy buildings. The city government is also acting as a promoter for different innovative and sustainable solutions being used in public and private sector.

The city government is constantly looking for new opportunities to invest in sustainable solutions and to decrease its energy consumption. Main focus is on reducing energy consumption in public and private buildings, reducing private care use and promoting public transportation, sustainable solutions in public transportation and creating an adaptable and sustainable street lighting system.

Role in the project

It will be in charge of the demo building placed in Estonia (WP7).


This project has received funding from the European Union's Seventh Framework Programme for research, technological development and demonstration under grant agreement No 609067.