Forest based composites for façades and interior partitions to improve indoor air quality in new builds and restoration

Stakeholder Group

Stakeholder Group

DSC00576_editedOSIRYS – Industrial Stakeholder Panel

You are invited to become a member of the OSIRYS project industrial stakeholder panel.

The project is currently seeking members to join its Industrial Stakeholder Panel. Members of the panel will receive advance information about new technologies developed during the project’s lifespan.

OSIRYS is a collaborative four-year project partfunded by the European Commission. It has 18 partners from eight European countries and will work with new eco innovative building materials, which are able to provide a healthier indoor environment, to develop a holistic solution to the current emissions challenges facing the construction industry.

The Stakeholder Panel will provide a forum for two-way discussion and benefits. Stakeholder Panel members will receive advance information about the new technologies and the ability to steer the project outcomes, while consortium partners will receive external feedback and commercial perspectives on their developments.

Indoor air quality and emissions from building materials have been over recent decades a major challenge for scientists, industry and consumers as traditional construction materials contribute to contaminants. As a member you will have a vested interest in the innovative materials and technologies developed within the project.

The OSIRYS project will look to improve indoor environmental quality and energy efficiency by developing forest-based bio-composites and products for facades and interior partitions. These new technologies can then be applied in retrofitting and new building construction.

Stakeholder Panel Members will:

  • Receive advance information on project progress, including development of new materials and technologies.
  • Have the opportunity to steer the project outcomes to be industry-relevant.
  • Provide feedback and commercial perspectives on the project.

Join and Influence Outcomes

The Stakeholder Panel will have the opportunity to meet with the consortium partners at several workshops throughout the duration of the project as well as participating in active discussions on the project’s professional LinkedIn group.

To become a Stakeholder Panel Member, please join our LinkedIn group, or contact:
Project Coordinator – Miriam Garcia, Tecnalia
Project Marketing – James Taylor, NetComposites



This project has received funding from the European Union's Seventh Framework Programme for research, technological development and demonstration under grant agreement No 609067.